The annual China Seminar was held in Shanghai on 16 November as part of the 2018 CESCO Asia Copper Week.  The event was jointly organised by the IWCC and SHFE (Shanghai Futures Exchange), with the kind support of BGRIMM Lilan Consulting (BLC).

The papers presented at the event can be downloaded below:

China’s macro-economic development, Cheng Manjiang, Chief Economist of BOC International and CEO of BOCI Research Co., Ltd. [pdf]

Hot-spots for China’s copper industry: Environmental protection, scrap and the ‘trade-war’, Li Lan, Managing Director, BGRIMM Li Lan Consulting Corp., Ltd. (BLC) [pdf]

Copper Options – Chinese market-makers and Institutional Investors, Huang Min, Deputy-Manager, COFCO Qidefeng Investment Services Co. [pdf]

Global Copper Demand, Mark Loveitt, President, International Wrought Copper Council (IWCC) [pdf]

Outlook for Copper in China, Pan Hong, Senior Analyst, BGRIMM Lilan Consulting Corp., Ltd. (BLC) [pdf]