European Brass Rod fabricators met in Porto, Portugal on 30 April, at the spring meeting of the IWCC Brass Rod Committee.

Brass rod is a vital material for many key industries including the automotive, electronics and household plumbing sectors, but the industry is also facing increasing regulation.

The meeting covered these topics with a focus on sustainability and understanding the requirements and impact from new regulations such as the Drinking Water Directive.  The meeting received a comprehensive presentation from Lara Van de Merckt, Eurometaux who gave a detailed update on the status of these recent regulatory changes. (see below)

The meeting was also an opportunity to meet colleagues and network, and committee dinner was held the night before giving the chance to enjoy some of the local cuisine. (see right)

We would like to thank all IWCC members present for supporting the event. We look forward to the Autumn Meeting, which will be hosted in Edinburgh. Watch this space for further announcements! 

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