The IWCC has now published end-use statistics for the year 2021.  This comprehensive database for copper and copper alloy semis-manufactures is the industry’s only source of end-use data.

End-Use data are available by geography and by semis type.

Semis types

Copper wire – subdivided into eight categories: building wire; power cable; magnet wire; telecom cable (external); other communication cable (electronic / data / internal telecom); other LV energy cable (equipment wire, flexibles, etc.); automotive wire & cable; bare conductor
Copper rods, bars and sections
Copper flat rolled products
Copper foil
Copper tube
Alloy wire (mechanical wire)
Alloy rods, bars and sections
Alloy flat rolled products
Alloy tube

In addition, estimates are also available for copper powders and castings.

Geographic Coverage

Data is available for the following geographic regions:

Latin America (excluding Brazil & Mexico)
North America (Canada and USA)

EU 28
Western Europe
Central & Eastern Europe
Other Europe
Total Europe (Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe and Russia)

All Africa

Rest of the World
Total Asia

End-Use Categories

There are 16 end-use categories:

Building Construction – with five sub-divisions: Plumbing, Building plant, Architecture, Communications and Electrical power

Infrastructure – with two sub-divisions: Power utility and Telecommunications

Equipment manufacture – with four sub-divisions: Industrial (with two sub-divisions: Electrical and Non-electrical); Transport (with three sub-divisions: Automotive electrical; Automotive Non-electrical; Other transport); Other equipment (with four sub-divisions: Consumer & general products; Cooling; Electronic; Diverse)

This gives a matrix of 288 data points for each geographic region.

Access to the files

A publicly available summary of the top-line data from the 2021 End-Use Statistics are available by gross weight, and by copper content.

Those with access can view the detailed data in the members area of the website.  To see the complete list of available files it is necessary to click the ‘See All’ button in the box entitled: Copper End Use Report 2021.

Additional Information

The end-use data set is jointly owned by the IWCC and ICA and is intended for use within the copper industry.  If the end-use data are to be quoted in the public domain, prior permission should be obtained from the IWCC.