Joint Meeting 2022: Rome

The IWCC is delighted to confirm that the 2022 Joint Meeting will take place as a physical event in Rome from 7-9 May.  The theme of the Joint Meeting will be ‘Sustainability and the Green Agenda’.  Registration for the event is now open.

The Rome Joint Meeting, the first since 2019, will offer the usual combination of informative presentations, industry meetings, and high-level networking events and excursions.  A full partners programme will also be in place in Rome.

The ‘Sustainability’ theme of the Meeting is of increasing importance to copper and copper alloy fabricators, producers and wider industry.  Topics covered during the Joint Meeting Sessions include:

  • Assurance Schemes
  • Supply Side Issues
  • Decarbonisation of the Value Chain, and
  • Green Drivers of Copper Demand

A full list of papers and speakers can be viewed in the Events section of the website.

Registration is open to members of the copper industry, and other invited individuals.  For further information, please email us at

Fabricator Life Cycle Assessment  

Over the last 18 months, the IWCC has supported the International Copper Association’s fabricator Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).  The fabricator LCA aims to provide up-to-date and comprehensive life cycle data for copper and copper-alloy semis, by semis-type and by region.

A number of fabricator companies across Europe, Asia and the USA (supported by CDA-US) in 2021 agreed to take part in the fabricator LCA and have been providing data for this important project.  Industry participation was essential to ensure that the LCA covers sufficient semis and alloy types across the major markets.

ICA has recently informed the IWCC that the final stages of data collection are being conducted with individual companies, and that a first draft of the fabricator LCA should be available in the coming months.  It is hoped that the final report will be published by summer 2022.

Sustainability Review Project

The IWCC is conducting a review of how it’s members in the copper and copper alloy semis industry are affected by and are responding to the challenges and opportunities of the sustainability agenda.

The project started in November 2021 by consulting European-based members of the IWCC Sustainability Contact Group.  The aim of these European consultations was to be able to prepare a draft set of proposals.  Consultations with IWCC members in North and South America, Africa and Asia will now commence.  Three questions lie at the heart of this project:

  • How the sustainability agenda affects semis fabricators
  • How companies are responding to these issues, and
  • What the IWCC can do to support members further on this agenda

The input received from all members will help shape the IWCC’s work supporting the semis industry on these important issues in the years to come.

The IWCC – CDA-US Fabricator Working Group, which provides fabricator input into ICA activities, is very much aware of how ESG and sustainability issues have an impact on the copper industry.

If you would like more information about this project or to be part of the consultation, please contact the IWCC’s Vice President, Mike Smith, at