There are approximately 150 individual member companies of the IWCC.  Member companies and their subsidiaries and affiliates use the majority of all copper produced annually in their manufacturing processes.

The IWCC was originally founded as an international organisation for national associations, known as National Groups.  Over time that structure has become less rigid and there are now two categories of members:

National Groups

Where a national association is an IWCC member, any company in that country that wishes to join the IWCC must first be a member of their national association.

Corporate Members

Corporate members are individual companies which are members of the IWCC directly and not through their national association.

Members of the IWCC must manufacture one or more of the following products:

Copper wire rod
Copper wire
Copper rods, bars and sections
Copper plate, sheet, strip and foil
Copper tube

Alloy wire
Alloy rods, bars and sections
Alloy plate, sheet, strip and foil
Alloy tube

This does not preclude member companies being an IWCC member if the member company manufactures other products using materials other than copper and/or copper alloys.