IWCC and SHFE China Seminar

The annual China Seminar took place in Shanghai on 22 November 2019 as part of Asia Copper Week. A packed meeting heard from expert speakers giving views and information on the copper industry and wider economic and geopolitical factors from both China and a global perspective.

The annual event was co-hosted by the IWCC and the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE), with the support of BGRIMM Lilan Consulting (BLC).

 LME Week Meeting Highlights

LME week in October is one of the busiest in the copper industry calendar. The IWCC held a number of meetings and events.

The IWCC and the ICA co-hosted the ‘Future Copper’ Workshop’ on the major influences on the copper market including the circular economy, advances in electro-mobility and technology infrastructure, as well as an update on the ‘Copper Mark’ and the LME’s new responsible sourcing requirements.

The IWCC’s Copper Committee and Joint Statistical Committee meetings were held on 27 October. The Copper Committee, in addition to holding discussions about copper supply including changes to the scrap market, received a presentation from Morgan Stanley analyst Susan Bates.

The IWCC Joint Statistical Committee, bringing together fabricators and representatives from the upstream industry, discussed the latest forecasts for the supply and demand of unwrought copper.

The IWCC Copper Wire Rod Committee’s autumn meeting included an update on the major global markets for wire rod, with Jonathan Barnes (Roskill) presenting on the industry in North America, Li Lan (BLC) on the industry in China, and Mark Loveitt (IWCC) on the wire rod industry in Europe.