Latest FDI Results – Mixed Outlook

The latest IWCC (FDI) Fabricator Demand Index report (Q4-19) suggests market sentiment in some sectors and regions were improving towards the end of 2019.

The results from the latest survey indicate Q4-19 performing better than had been expected: with four categories down and four categories up.  A similar mixed performance is expected for Q1-20, although the trends in wire rod/wire vary by region by quarter.

However, the indices do not take account of any impact from the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, as the survey was conducted in December 2019.  This may have an impact on both performance and outlook in the industry survey during Q1-20, the results of which will be available in April.

IWCC Semis Statistics

The IWCC produces the most comprehensive semis dataset available, covering 108 countries. Data are available for all copper and copper alloys semis products.

The semis demand dataset provides the basis for the end-use dataset, giving a unique insight into the end-use applications for copper.

Much is said about the use of copper in e-vehicles.  The significant upward trend in copper foil demand for use in Li-ion batteries is clearly seen from the latest IWCC data.

The full list of countries and semis coverage in the end-use dataset can be seen here.  Data are made available on a regional basis.  Members can access these datasets by logging into their members area of the IWCC website.

Responsible Sourcing: Copper Mark

January 2020 saw the first board meeting of The Copper Mark, the company which will administer the copper industry’s responsible sourcing initiative: the Copper Mark.  While currently open to the copper producing sector (mining, smelting and refining operations), the intention is for the Copper Mark in future to be used along the copper value chain.  Fabricator meetings are expected to be held in North America, Europe and China in 2020 and Japan and other countries in Asia in 2021.

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